Stanford Sports Medicine

Our mission is to ensure the optimal
health and performance of the
Stanford student-athlete through the
continuous pursuit of new knowledge
and application of best practices in
the field of Sports Medicine.

Stanford Sports Medicine:
"A Comprehensive Approach"

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Sports Medicine
Summer Camp

Back by popular demand, Stanford
Sports Medicine will open its doors to
expose its unique methods of medical
care for interested high school students.

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Stanford Sports Medicine

Stanford’s Sports Medicine Program is dedicated to providing the best possible medical care for the student athlete’s injuries and illnesses. The program is unique in its team approach to health care, as the Team Physicians, Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, and Sports Scientists all collaborate on the care provided to each athlete. The team physicians provide diagnosis, treatment, arrange for consultations, order lab tests, x-rays and MRIs, and make decisions on the participation status. Athletic trainers work under the supervision of our team physicians to provide prevention, evaluation, and treatment of athletic injuries. Physical therapists design specific programs for rehabilitation and communicate directly with the athletic trainer, physician, and sports performance coaches. Sport Scientists work with coaches and athletes to test and analyze athletes using state-of-the-art motion capture, biomechanics and physiology equipment.  More…

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