Student Highlight: Where Are They Now?

Eamon Campion

Eamon Campion | IT Carlow, Ireland

After leaving Stanford Sports Medicine in 2013, Eamon Campion graduated at the top of his class from the Institute of Technology, Carlow. Since then, he went on to work as a Sports Rehabilitator in the Marble City Physiotherapy Clinic in Kilkenny, Ireland. For three successive annual summer camps, he also worked with the Major League Baseball’s European Academy in several countries throughout Europe.

Eamon was then awarded a place on the MSc Physiotherapy program in the Robert Gordon University in Scotland. The MSc Physiotherapy course in Aberdeen is the only program outside of North America that is CAPTE accredited, allowing him to take the NPTE to hopefully become a PT/ATC in summer 2016.

Upon graduating with his Masters in Physiotherapy, Eamon relocated to Manchester, England where he now works as a Physiotherapist in The Central Manchester Foundation Trust, where he helps rehabilitate individuals following elective and trauma surgery. As a side project, he is also part of the foundations of a study investigating the possibility of Day 0 discharge following a Total Hip or Knee Replacement.

Eamon says, “My time in Palo Alto was undoubtedly the most worthwhile, rewarding, and enlightening experience of my short professional career to date. Ever since leaving Stanford, I’ve having being craving to return. I loved each and every day working with and learning from the Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists and every member of the Sports Medicine team.”

He goes on to say,  “The opportunities to develop your career in Stanford are endless. I was blown away by the groundbreaking research and innovation happening everyday in the Sports Medicine Department and all over the campus. Each member of staff possess their own exceptionally unique skill-set, and an incredible attitude towards rehabilitation that I have never experienced anywhere else in the world. Spending 3 months in Stanford immeasurably helped mold my future career in Physiotherapy, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity given to me!”

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