Student Highlight: Where Are They Now?

Kassi Johnson | University of Idaho

After leaving Stanford Kassi traveled back to Moscow, Idaho to work with the University of Idaho Football team finishing her Master’s at the University of Idaho in May 2017. During the summer she went home to Alaska and volunteered for Nikiski High School for their football and volleyball teams. In September she was hired to be the head Athletic Trainer and Sports Medicine teacher at Timberlake High School in Spirit Lake, Idaho.

Kassi states, “I loved my experience with the Stanford Football team as well as getting to work with the other Stanford Athletic Training Staff. My biggest take away was watching the teamwork between the Head Football Athletic Trainer Steve Bartlinski, Coach Shaw, Coach Turley, Physical Therapist Floyd VitoCruz, and all the Stanford Team Doctors. It was awesome to see everyone involved communicating and making sure they were doing what was best for the team as well as for the individual athletes.”

She continued with, “I am also thankful for all the connections I made at Stanford. I got to work with some of the best athletes and Athletic Trainers, which is a once in a lifetime experience. I am grateful to the Athletic Trainers that took the time to teach me and make me a better Athletic Trainer. I am also thankful to the coaches and athletes that made me feel apart of the team and that I made a difference. My experience at Stanford has definitely had an influence on me and it carries over to my work now at Timberlake High School.”

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