Dominic Vincentini

MS, ATC | Assistant Athletic Trainer

Dominic Vincentini MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Dominic Vincentini, a Nebraska native, is a Board Of Certification Inc., Certified Athletic Trainer. Since becoming certified in 2007, Dominic has experience working with many different sports at various levels with his most recent stent being at Miami University. Prior to Miami University, he had the opportunity of holding collegiate athletic training positions at Washington State University and University of New Mexico. He has also worked as a member of ESPN Sports Medicine and XMED Incorporated staffs. His experience at Miami University and the University of New Mexico as an instructor and preceptor for the undergraduate Athletic Training Education Programs have led him to work with the Board of Certification (BOC), where he was selected as a member of the BOC Exam Development Committee in 2013. At his core, Dominic is an achiever because he embraces new challenges and actively welcomes improvements in daily processes.

Alongside working with collegiate-level athletes on a daily basis, Dominic continues his special interest of working in the world of Action Sports as an Athletic Trainer to professional sport athletes. These opportunities have lead him to provide optimal health care at many action sport events around the country. Dominic continues to strive for the betterment of optimal health care at Stanford University sports medicine by developing his skills in manual therapy to create optimal care to his patients.



  • University of New Mexico MS in Sports Administration 2009
  • University of Nebraska Omaha BEd in Education: Emphasis in Athletic Training 2006



  • NATA Member in Good Standing


  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
  • Graston Technique Massage (M1)
  • Manual Muscle Therapy
  • Emergency Management/ Risk Management
  • Action Sports
Stanford Sports Medicine