Stanford Sports Medicine Lectures at NATA Convention

Jessica Holcomb,, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Lectures at NATA Convention

Jesseca Holcomb, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Lectures at NATA Convention

Jesseca Holcomb, assistant athletic trainer, recently attend her first National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) Annual Convention in St. Louis, MO this past June where she was asked to present a learning lab, “Introduction to Neurokinetic Therapy®: Changing the Way You Think About Dysfunctional Movement Patterns.” She was assisted by Andrew Gibson, Head Athletic Trainer at Rhodes College in instructing the learning lab on this novel technique. Learning labs, where clinicians experienced in a specific type of knowledge can provide hands on teaching, are an integral part of the NATA convention, and allow ATs to experience these new techniques.

Holcomb stated with respect to the invitation, “I am deeply honored to have represented Neurokinetic Therapy® as well as Stanford University at this convention. I feel the presentation and the learning lab was a success. Andrew and I both received positive feedback and questions regarding the NKT. The next day several people that attended the learning lab told me that they plan to take the course.”

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