Stanford Athletic Trainers Attend International Football Medicine Conference

Assistant Athletic Trainers Lindsy Donnelly, MEd, ATC and Brian White, MAE, ATC, CSCS recently attended the Annual Football Medicine Strategies Conference in London, England from April 9-11, 2016. The conference which was dedicated to the aspect of “Return to Play”, was attended by professionals from 83 countries across the globe. Although it was catered primarily to the aspects of medical care for soccer players, there were many topics which were applicable to all sports and athletes, including the use of PRP injections and the future of stem cell research with regards to implementing their usage in traumatic soft tissue injuries. Presentations also included protocols used at the most elite levels of play for return to play following soft tissue injuries and also preventative measures in evaluation movement/function on the field. Brian noted, “There were many discussions similar to this one showing how although folks have a specialized coverage for a sport such as soccer, can implement some “outside the box” approaches and reach a positive influence on results.” 

Lindsy remarked regarding her experience, “It was a great opportunity to network and connect with other clinicians from around the world, as well as see an old friend (and previous intern) Nick Taylor.” 

Next years conference, with a focus on “The Future of Football Medicine”. will be held in Barcelona, Spain at FC Barcelona’s home stadium, Camp Nou.

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