The Stanford Sports Medicine Center (SMC) is home to leading researchers investigating novel prevention strategies, diagnosis methods, and treatment plans across an array of injuries and illnesses. Much of this work is done in collaboration with the SMC’s Human Performance Lab (HPL) staffed with clinical Biomechanists and Engineers who work collaboratively with the clinicians of the SMC. Listed below are some of the current projects being researched by our group, which have been published in a wide array of professional journals across various disciplines.


Current Projects

  • ACL injury prevention strategies
  • Stress fracture prevention programs
  • Foot pathology pressure mapping
  • Understanding running patterns between forefoot and rearfoot striking
  • Concussion prevention and treatment strategies
  • Sport and exercise medicine for the prevention of chronic diseases
  • Return-to-Play (RTP) decision making processes
  • Pre-participation examination
  • Functional testing for safe RTP
  • Hip biomechanics influence on athletic injuries


For the most recent publications from members of the Stanford Sports Medicine Staff, please see below and check out the publication page on the HPL website.

Stanford Sports Medicine