Student Highlight: Where Are They Now?

Ian McCarthy | IT Carlow, Ireland

Ian McCarthy, MSc Ost, GSR, CSCS, CKTP, was the inaugural international student to come through the Stanford Sports Medicine program. Since his departure from Stanford, he moved to London, England to complete a 2 year MSc in Osteopathy at The British School of Osteopathy. Ian began to work in private practice and started working on the ATP tour including at Wimbledon, Queen’s Club and the US Open in New York.

Ian graduated top of his class in 2014, and relocated to Vancouver, where he is now working in private practice treating both elite athletes and general population. He currently works with patients representing Canada in Snowboarding, Field Hockey and Athletics as well as some former Olympians.  This summer Ian was asked to present at the Northwest Regional Conference for the NSCA in Canada where his presentation was entitled, “Visceral Restrictions – A missing link in articular mobility dysfunctions”.

Ian notes, “I am truly grateful for the 18 months I got to spend at Stanford Sports Medicine. That time period was without doubt the most influential in sculpting my career to date, as it sparked an interest in more hollistic approaches to treating neuromusculoskeletal pain. The multidisciplinary setting at Stanford also gives you an excellent understanding of the structure of professional sports medicine teams. From a personal standpoint , the educational and professional opportunities I have been afforded since leaving Stanford in 2012 would simple not have been possible without spending that time on The Farm.”

He goes on to say, “I am now working my dream career being fully booked weekly in private practice, consulting for professional athlete’s nationally and internationally and finally starting my venture in lecturing. Some of the highlights since leaving Stanford have been working at Wimbledon, Queens Club and the US Open in New York and being asked to present at this year’s NSCA Regional Conference in Canada. Spending 18 months at Stanford Sports Medicine was the best investment I have made in my career”

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