Student Highlight: Where Are They Now?

Takeaki Ando | University of Nebraska, Omaha

After leaving Stanford, Takeaki studied English and prepared to apply for graduate school in the United States. 2 years later, he got in University of Nebraska at Omaha where he completed his master’s degree. Takeaki completed an array of experiences including a MLB spring camp internship at the San Diego Padres, came back to Stanford as student intern for football team, and did NFL summer internship at Green Bay Packers during August. He plans to complete a full year internship for University of Louisville track and field and cross-country teams.

Takeaki says, “During the first time staying at Stanford led me to study abroad. The most memorable experience for me was realizing that great athletic trainers were not only required to have a good handle on everyday skills and techniques, but also communication abilities and leadership.”

He continues, “The connection of athletic training staff and other staff member such as Strength and Conditioning coaches, Physical therapists, and Physicians were impressive, and the best medical support I’ve ever seen before. Working with professional athletic training stuff who not only have high level of skills but also the great personality inspired me to study in depth of athletic training field. Each person had unique and excellent skills to utilize for athletes with best effort they could. These experiences equipped me with knowledge on how I should behave as an athletic trainer, and interact with elite athletes and staff members in these settings.”

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